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How to run a color sorter dedicated air compressor

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How to run a color sorter dedicated air compressor?

First, the color sorter is ready before starting up.

    (1) Remove rice and lotus root flour in the hopper and channel.

    (2) Turn on air compressors and other equipment.

    (3) Confirm that the power supply voltage is 220V ± 5% and the air pressure is not lower than 0.5Mpa. After the pressure regulator, the air pressure is about 0.25Mpa.

    (4) Check whether the glass in the sorting chamber is clean and whether the camera has dust cover.

    (5) Check and drain the water in the filter.

    Second, the color sorter boot steps.

    (1) Press the green button on the machine and the color sorter is powered on to start operation.

    (2) The color sorting machine automatically enters the saved mode when it was turned off last time.

    (3) After the machine is started, Zhongrui Microvision will automatically detect the color sorting machine. The color sorter will normally work for about 1 minute.

    (4), standby warm up 5-20 minutes.

    (5) Press the <Start valve> button. This button turns red to indicate that the valve is working. Then press the button to start the supply. This button turns red and the color sorter starts to work.

    Third, the color picking machine steps.

    (1) Press the feed stop button. At this time, the button turns blue and the vibrator stops feeding.

    (2) Press the spray valve close button. At this time, the button turns blue and the spray valve power is turned off.

    (3) Press the Shutdown key to display: Are you sure you want to shut down the system? Press the Yes button to display: Shutdown, save data? The machine will automatically shut down after saving the existing data. Press Cancel to automatically shut down the machine without saving the data.

    (4) Clean the machine and turn off the air compressor.

    (5), Exhaust, Drainage (See Exhaust, Drainage Method)

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