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CSG New Generation Color Sorter Press Conference

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COLOR SORTER GROUP's fourth-generation color sorter new press conference was held on March 9th, 2018. At the press conference, the CSG new product, the fourth-generation color sorter, was explained in detail; technological breakthroughs, technological innovations, and color sorters Create a new era, let the color sorting machine technology to a higher level!

The performance of tiny particles is greatly improved and the color selection effect is better.

In the performance of the three-generation color sorters, the fourth-generation color sorters are more advanced in the research and development of fine-grained materials, and they are highly effective in color sorting of small particles, such as seeds, millet, dodder, and tricolor buckwheat. complete in one step.

Powerful subtle color difference recognition ability, finer color selection.

The difference in minute colors is sometimes difficult to distinguish, and there are errors in smart machines. Four generations of color sorters have made tremendous breakthroughs in improving the ability to distinguish small color differences, such as yellow rice, cooked coffee, dark red fruit, and red copper. The sorting effect of materials such as brass and fennel is particularly good and meets the requirements.

The pixels are greatly improved and the recognition is more accurate.

The four-generation color sorter has been further developed on the camera of the core component, and hundreds of millions of pixels let impurities, defective products and different color particles have nowhere to escape.

Remote operating system to solve the problem is more convenient.

The fourth-generation color sorting machine supports remote APP control and intelligent portable man-machine interface operation on the operating system. When the customer encounters unclear material color selection, the staff can assist the customer in controlling the machine through the remote control system, ignoring the distance. Convenient and promptly solve customer problems.

Multi-performance improvement, full-color sorter upgrade

Imported LED light source, high brightness, stability, high efficiency, energy saving; fixed background board to reduce the failure rate to make color selection more stable; color selection speed increase, from three generations of 6k/s to four generations of 10k/s and so on.

Powerful color selection performance, efficient color selection efficiency, and high-quality color selection effect make CSG color sorter a new era.

More detailed information on color sorters is available at the official website: http://www.ColorSorterGroup.com/

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