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Innovative artificial intelligence sorting machine

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As one of the leaders in photoelectric recognition industry in China, an example of technological innovation in the optical sorting equipment industry, Color Sorter Group has developed the latest AI artificial intelligence color selection machine. The aircraft introduced the AI ​​super brain, NIR infrared, X-ray and other technologies that can accurately remove all impurities in the product, accuracy up to 99.999%.

99.999% of the recognition accuracy means that one hundred thousand grain processing allows only one impurity, exceeding international standards, is also the highest sorting industry, not only that, CSG products due to the realization of big data and Internet of Things Interoperability, but also the entire processing line for remote online intelligent monitoring, online maintenance, online software upgrades and other services

CSG's R & D department said that we have built a product development process that covers conceptual design, overall planning, product design, verification, validation, release, upgrade, and refinement of products so that each of our innovations can be successfully integrated into the product.

CSG International Marketing Director said that in 2017 we introduced a number of new color sorters to achieve doubled-specific growth in specific regions, from overseas layout point of view, the current exports to more than 100 countries and regions, some countries market share Rate has reached more than 30%.

COLOR SORTER (http://www.colorsortergroup.com/) also named COLOR SORTING MACHINE. This high-tech product is based on the difference of the optical properties of the materials. It uses photodetection technology to automatically sort out the heterogeneous particles in the granular material Out of the device

COLOR SORTER GROUP is a leading provider of sensor-based sorting technology in China

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