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CSG color sorter exported to Bangladesh companies

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CSG COLOR SORTER exported to Bangladesh two companies: AL AMIN ENGINEERING WORKS & INDUSTRIES and Pulhat Mill & Hardware Store

With the gradual improvement of mechanization of Bangladesh agriculture, the scale of agricultural machinery manufacturing market has also expanded, but the growth slowed from 780 million U.S. dollars in 2011 to 850 million U.S. dollars in 2016, an annual increase of 1.7%, of which the largest engine market share, About 34%. In addition, the market of maintenance and repair of agricultural machinery has been growing rapidly, from US $ 110 million in 2011 to US $ 270 million in 2016, an average annual increase of 20%

In order to raise the level of agricultural mechanization, several projects have been implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, for example, the ongoing National Agricultural Mechanization Project provides 70% subsidy for the use of agricultural machinery in remote and coastal areas and 50% subsidy for other regions. Regularly display the use of agricultural machinery and equipment such as combine harvesters, seeding machines and rice transplanters, provide agricultural machinery and equipment in rural areas and provide targeted farm machinery services. Bangladesh government also plans to reduce import tariffs on agricultural machinery and equipment parts, in order to establish a favorable environment for agricultural machinery production and assembly plant in Bangladesh, hopes to introduce foreign investment in the economic zone of agricultural machinery industry.

With the transfer of a large number of agricultural laborers to other industries, the importance of the development of the agricultural machinery industry to the realization of sustainable agriculture in Bangladesh has become increasingly prominent. Mengnong machine market gradually expanded, agricultural machinery industry has great potential for development. The Bangladesh government encourages domestic capital and foreign capital to make full use of the advantages of Bangladeshi labor and actively invest in the agricultural machinery industry.

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