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Color Sorter Group (CSG) held a new product launch

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CSG (Color Sorter Group) bring cloud interconnection COLOR SORTING MACHINE, infrared color sorting machine, X-ray inspection machine three innovative products debut at the exhibition, subversion and make up for the shortcomings and deficiencies of the traditional photoelectric color sorter

For a long time, "a single color sorter can not be used for multiple sorting of multiple products at the same time; the traditional photoelectric color sorter encounters the problem of not sorting the same color and the same density but not the same product; the product with the same color and different density is poor in sorting effect". This is the three major bottlenecks hindering the development of the color selection industry. CSG's innovative launch not only broke this bottleneck, but also filled the gaps in China!

The core of the cloud interconnection COLOR SORTER is that the color sorter can be used for many purposes. It can also be used for the second, third and fourth time sorting at the same time. It is suitable for a wider range of uses such as rice, miscellaneous grains and cash crops to satisfy customers Complex type needs. The subversion of the traditional achievements is relying on CSG independent research and development capabilities, with a number of patented technologies and create a leading "smart magnetron high-frequency solenoid valve." Years of open build massive database, storage of a wide range of color sorting solutions. The intelligent lever flexible back technology using the high-frequency electromagnetic valve replaces the traditional air pressure return technology to ensure accurate air without leakage . The original superconducting magnetic and intelligent start control, current limiting technology than the traditional battery valve up to 70%, saving air consumption 20%. Together with CSG's proven cloud-based IOT system and visualization intelligent image capture system, it is equipped with the CSG cloud service technology platform for remote control, operation and maintenance, software upgrade, light source, electrical, mechanical problems Diagnosis and resolution, on-line testing, data acquisition, online guidance and so on real-time intimate full-service online tracking service; It is an extreme performance in color technology innovation.

The successful development of infrared color sorting machine is the use of innovative infrared spectroscopy technology, multi-spectral camera technology, high-speed near-infrared sensors, automatic image calibration algorithms and ultra-bright full-spectrum light source and many other scientific engineering techniques. Make up for the lack of ordinary color optical system, effectively solve the sorting of the same color foreign matter. The traditional color sorters need to be sorted several times to completely eliminate the plastic fragments, shells, glass, metal fragments, soil blocks, broken bones and other impurities, only need one time can effectively solve above problem. Is the traditional visible light color sorting technology make up and innovation.
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