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Smart sorting to create modern logistics center

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Early morning Pujiang County Jinma village, sunshine in the orchard of Wan Xiaolin, particularly beautiful. He squatted his body, grabbed a soil, looking for a long time. Soil is particularly important for farmers. In 2015, Pujiang County to promote arable land protection and soil upgrading project, so that the county to achieve an annual soil organic matter increased by 0.2 percentage points, the fruit quality is also a higher level ... ... This is Chengdu to further promote the agricultural side of the structural reform , To speed up the development of agricultural and rural areas to develop a new microcosm of the kinetic energy. It is understood that this year, Chengdu will accelerate the development of intensive, economical, modern, low-carbon agriculture, to create a national urban modern agricultural model city, the world's rural tourism destination, to ensure that the city's agricultural added value increased by 3.3%, 3.5%, farmers per capita Disposable income increased by 8%, and strive to 9%.

    "5 + 1" integrated service center

    The core technology to enhance the soil "nutrition" average per mu to increase 2000-5000 yuan

    Last year before August, Wan Xiaolin planted Pujiang ugly orange, its harvest is always somewhat unsatisfactory. Through the help, he got the guidance of professional and technical personnel, not only to enhance the quality of the soil, but also improve the level of cultivation, so ugly orange product quality and then on the steps. In fact, this benefit from 2015, Pujiang took the lead in the whole county to build international standards of organic agriculture base, the county to promote arable land protection and soil upgrading project. In the soil improvement plan, Pujiang county government and Beijing Jia Bowen Biological Technology Co., Ltd. reached PPP cooperation, Jiabo text to provide technical support, professional services, comprehensive support for local build national organic agriculture demonstration counties. "Pujiang National Organic Agriculture Demonstration County to enhance the quality of cultivated land 5 +1 Integrated Services Center" is also very put into use, a set of cultivated land quality improvement as the core of the "5 +1" integrated service system to build.

    According to Pujiang County, the quality of cultivated land "5 +1" integrated service center director Li Zheng introduced, "5" refers to the soil through soil, soil data, organic matter recycling use, biological control and agricultural mechanization, and jointly enhance the soil quality, So that the land is more fertile, planted high-quality fruits and vegetables, and through the electricity business platform to promote Pujiang agriculture on the overall level. She told the Chengdu Evening News reporter, "a year to enhance the soil organic matter 0.2 percentage points, this is a very difficult thing.If the traditional farmland, fallow farming interest, then it takes 7 to 9 years to reach, if the use of ordinary organic Fat, you need 3-5 years.We through the core technology, only 1 year can reach this standard.

    According to her introduction, "1" refers to the back-end security system, including the electric business platform, cold chain logistics, etc., farmers through the soil to improve the quality of fruit, and then back to the comprehensive system to help farmers to achieve higher prices for better prices The "Improved soil is the main species of kiwi fruit, ugly orange and bones. Through the soil improved, the quality of fruit products have been improved, such as citrus, the average per household per mu to increase 2000-5000 yuan per mu.

    Modern agricultural fruit logistics center

    Fruit sorting grading improves brand value Dealer bargaining is more emboldened

    Vehicles along the Xinpu Expressway to Heshan Town, Lion Tree Village, you can see Pujiang modern agricultural fruit logistics center. The total investment of 450 million yuan, covers an area of ​​more than 300 acres of agricultural fruit logistics center, for the international and domestic consumer market demand, in accordance with the preservation of agricultural products, sorting packaging, cold chain transport and other technical standards, strict commercialization. Construction of supporting processing facilities, electronic trading platform, post-processing center, fruit display trading center. It is important to insist on market demand orientation and improve total factor productivity. The establishment of the center makes traditional agricultural production more scientific and efficient.

    Into the center, everywhere can see the surprises of modernization. Last year in August, the project completed and put into operation, 7,000 tons of fresh storage, two New Zealand imported smart color sorting line and folding machine and other equipment has long been put into use. According to the general manager of Sichuan Sunshine Taste Co., Ltd. Zhang Yuhua introduction, the sorting line is a bright spot, it can sort the appearance of the flaws, color, size, number, sugar and acid ratio, etc., to help dealers improve bargaining power The How to improve the product form reform? For example, in the past, people planted fruit, standards, fruit quality is not uniform, there is no uniform harvest, the price. This project will help people to recover the fruit, the fine classification of the classification, brand value will be on the steps.

    She said, is currently planning the construction of a professional electric service center, "the whole project is expected by the end of 2018 - 2019 in the first half of all completed." After the completion of the project, will solve the origin of Pujiang fruit production side of the difficult, the price is not guaranteed , People can not guarantee the income and other issues. Another aspect of the dealer can solve the difficult procurement, "we build such a platform to connect the entire industry chain front and back, allows people to get rich harvest, dealers can improve the bargaining power.

    As of February this year, Pujiang modern agricultural fruit logistics center received a total of more than 10,000 tons of kiwi fruit, more than 5,000 tons of citrus, fruit on-line sorting rate of 70%, storage capacity of more than 200%. Pujiang County, there are 75 cold chain fresh storage, agricultural products, grading packaging center 14, the introduction of advanced fruit sorting line 30, the county agricultural products commercialization rate increased to 80% or more.

    The main body of new agricultural management

    This year, strive to add 27,000 new agricultural professional managers to build 14 leisure agriculture flower base

    In fact, whether it is "5 +1" integrated service center, or modern agricultural fruit logistics center, are Chengdu to promote the agricultural side of the structural reform, green agriculture for the direction of development, accelerate the transformation and development of agriculture and rural areas an important measure. Municipal Agricultural Commission official said, Chengdu will adhere to the concept of industrialization with modern agriculture, deepening the implementation of 100 million mu of vegetable base high standards of farmland construction to enhance action to strengthen the grain industry scale green high yield demonstration, livestock and poultry aquaculture standardization upgrade Construction, promote the commercialization of agricultural products origin. Highlight the development of deep processing of agricultural products, and vigorously promote the processing of agricultural products, "six parks" and "ten base" construction, and strive to achieve the output value of agricultural products 140 billion yuan. Vigorously develop the city of three-dimensional agriculture, bee pollination industry, health education industry, science education industry, farming culture industry, forest health and other new industries and new industries, to speed up the creation of "rural tourism + health / start, vacation / sports" and other new formats Demonstration project.

    To the countryside to walk will find that family farms, professional managers have become increasingly common, with the rapid economic and social development, agricultural reform is the need to promote the integration of urban and rural development, local training more love agriculture, understand technology , Good business of new professional farmers.

    In the next step, Chengdu will support the new agricultural management subject bigger and stronger, and strive to add more than 10 leading enterprises at the municipal level, 150 farmer cooperatives, 300 family farms, agricultural professional managers 2,700 people. But also actively develop the combination of planting and breeding agriculture, and strive to build a new combination of agriculture and agricultural recycling economy demonstration project 20, the development of comprehensive cultivation of paddy fields 5 million mu, the implementation of PPP livestock and poultry manure comprehensive utilization of two pilot. Deepen the implementation of "flower add luster project" to enhance the construction of leisure agriculture flower base 14

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