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Grain process need to speed up "going out" pace

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"Food security is not only a matter of concern to China, but also a matter of common concern along the country along the way." This is the latest in the 2017 China Cereals and Oils "Top 100" enterprise annual meeting and "along the way" grain and oil forum industry experts and industry enterprises Reached a consensus.

 It is understood that the General Assembly held in Haikou City, Hainan Province, aimed at accelerating the backbone of China's grain and oil enterprises and grain machine manufacturing enterprises "going out" pace, expand international oil and oil economic and trade cooperation, to create international large enterprises and well-known brands.

 At the meeting, the experts around the "open, cooperation, mutual benefit, win-win" the theme of the "three five" period of grain and oil industry, how to thoroughly implement the "one way" and "going out" development strategy, the use of "two markets , Two kinds of resources "to speed up the supply side of the reform, to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the relevant issues and the" three five "grain and oil industry development planning and interpretation, and the development and trend of grain and oil market analysis and outlook. Wu Dahai, Deputy Secretary General of Haikou Municipal Government, and Huang Ju, President of Hainan Provincial Food Industry Association, addressed the conference. Huang Ju pointed out that Hainan is rich in species resources, is the development of tropical and effective characteristics of the golden treasure, with winter vegetables, tropical fruits, tropical cash crops, animal husbandry, southern breeding and other advantages of industry, is the country's important agricultural production and processing base. Hainan is a grain sales area, the province needs nearly 70% of food from the mainland imports. The national grain and oil "hundred" enterprises gathered in Haikou, Hainan oil and oil enterprises to provide a cooperation and seek common development platform for the food security in Hainan to provide a reliable guarantee.

 The conference also awarded the "Top 50" and "Top 10" enterprises in the 2016 annual grain and oil industry. CSG COLOR SORTER As the backbone of the food industry, they said they would make greater contributions to the development of the industry in the "one way" development opportunity.

 The conference was co-sponsored by China Grain Industry Association, COFCO Group Co., Ltd., China Grain and Oil Institute, China Grain Economics Association, Hainan Grain Industry Association, Haikou Grain Industry Association and Grain Network.

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