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CSG Participated in China CHINAPLAS Exhibition

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May 16-19, to the "green and creative innovation to create the future" as the theme of the thirty-first China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition in Guangzhou Pazhou China Import and Export Commodities Fair held grand held.

As the first in Asia, the world's second plastic and rubber exhibition, CHINAPLAS reputation at home and abroad, not only because of its large scale, the number of exhibitors, but also show all-round display of innovative achievements, gave birth to a lot of technological innovation, For the different areas of the industry to bring new business opportunities.

CSG color sorting machine the Guangzhou line, out of the international Fan, favored by foreign customers. Site selection of colored bottles, according to customer requirements, sorting the designated color of the bottle, access to customer recognition. Which is more old customers on-site visit, ready to order again.

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