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The prospect of color sorting machine development

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Color sorting machine has gone from the beginning of the monochrome election to the two-color selection, from the artificial to the intelligent development process, technology gradually become mature, although its development is very rapid, but the color selection technology is not stagnant, but The development of faster. At the same time in the future development, digital intelligent color machine mainly to two areas of development. First, large-capacity color sorter cost has been further improved; the second is to the food and vegetables, chemical production and ore mining and other areas involved.

In order to be able to quickly adapt to the above requirements, it is based on independent innovation, while the technical integration of the new light source applications, and the use of dynamic performance better valve and new CCD applications, used to improve production and finished product selection The net rate. In addition, for the application of high-speed ultra-large-scale microprocessors, embedded more identification calculation method to improve the practicality of the system.

Although the color machine is in the beginning of the emergence of foreign countries, but after years of tireless study of our country, independent innovation, and gradually master their own technology, breaking the monopoly of foreign markets to speed up the process of grain processing, while in the international market For our country for a place. With the scientific development of social progress, food processing industry and other leading industries in China go hand in hand.

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