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National Food Science and Technology Week(Jiangsu)

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May 26, in the theme of "scientific and technological innovation to promote Jiangsu good grain and oil action," the national food science and technology activities Zhoujiang Jiangsu province main venue activities, Jiangsu rice industry technology innovation strategic alliance announced the establishment. The establishment of the alliance will further integrate the scientific and technological innovation resources, improve the independent innovation capability, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of Jiangsu rice industry.

    According to the Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Grain Industry Development Director Wu Zhengguang introduction, the Union is a legally binding contract for the protection of enterprises, universities, research institutions or other organizations to form a joint development, complementary advantages, benefit sharing, Share the technical innovation cooperation organization. At present, the province's grain industry has been set up, including wheat flour, oil, feed, grain machine and other four industrial technology innovation strategic alliance. Newly established rice industry technology innovation strategic alliance initial member units 23.

    Jiangsu Provincial Food Bureau deputy director Zhang Shengbin said in his speech, scientific and technological innovation is the vitality of the development of grain and oil industry source. To create the province's rice industry technology innovation strategic alliance is close to the national food security strategy, focusing on ensuring the safety of food quantity, quality and safety and ecological security, focusing on green ecological grain storage, grain logistics processing, quality health and safety, food monitoring and early warning, information Technology and other major scientific and technological issues an important attempt. After the establishment of the alliance, will effectively in the grain purchasing and storage, grain processing, food consumption and other sectors to promote the use of new technologies, new equipment, new technology and new methods, such as the use of rice color sorter machine, and strive to achieve scientific grain storage, , Scientific food. The establishment of the alliance will also make full use of modern information technology, biotechnology, new materials technology and other armed food industry, and vigorously enhance the level of scientific and technological innovation, the Jiangsu grain industry science and

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