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Food cleaning equipment manufacturers contest

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April 21, in the grain storage company in 2016 clean-up equipment on-site testing and competitive negotiation conference in Xinzheng City, Henan Province, Newport directly under the curtain, from all over the country more than 20 food cleaning equipment manufacturers to participate in the field test and test. The meeting is divided into two parts of the field test and competition negotiations, during the field test set a total of five test stations, more than 20 food cleaning equipment manufacturers in batches to test.

To ensure that the test fair and equitable, during the testing of various food cleaning equipment manufacturers are used to rotate the library of a unified grain source, mixed with the grain source impurities are more balanced, unified transmission equipment configuration. State Grain Bureau Zhengzhou Granary Machinery Quality Supervision and Testing Center is responsible for no-load, load, dust concentration on-site inspection, storage of grain in Newport directly under the library is responsible for weighing, impurity removal rate, large mixed grain rate detection, testing personnel through uniform training, testing process full video The

Reporters at the test site to see, on-site testing is by tonnage group competition, affixed with "test" label cleaning equipment neatly arranged in their respective order. After the start of the test, the belt unloading truck to the truck on the truck to the tape conveyor, clean up the equipment after cleaning, the conveyor and then clean the food to another truck, the impurities are cleaned through the equipment on both sides of the machine Of the flow into the woven bag. The inspected device is affixed with a "detected" label and is parked at the seized device.

It is reported that enterprises participating in the field test of the equipment are the shortlisted suppliers of grain storage and cleaning equipment, which will focus on the procurement of excellent cleaning equipment for the final evaluation. The products are Color Sorter Cylindrical Sieve, Vibrating Screen and Combined Clean the sieve. Therefore, the participating manufacturers have come up with their own housekeeping skills, industry-renowned enterprises, including COLOR SORTER GROUP is their own "high-quality products" brought competition, testing the scene in full swing.

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