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Sorting industry have development opportunitie

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Recently, the State Grain Bureau issued a "food industry science and technology innovation and development" thirteen five "plan".

Planning put forward the "thirteen five" during the food industry scientific and technological innovation and development goals. "13th Five-Year" period to ensure that scientific and technological innovation, resource efficient, focusing on food security in the field of major needs, and guide the efficient use of food science and technology to promote the use of food science and technology innovation. By 2020, actively strive for diversified food science and technology investment, and strive to scale grain and oil processing enterprises R & D investment ratio reached 0.6%.

Planning, focusing on food quality and safety, green ecological grain storage, grain modern logistics, deep processing of grain processing, food processing equipment, rations nutrition and health, food information technology and food security strategy and other eight technical fields, focus on food industry development of major scientific and technological needs , Focus on the task as the core, focus on breaking the key to ensuring national food security technology, and for the food innovation demand technology group, and constantly break the bottleneck restricting the development of the industry

Color Sorting machine industry is subdivided into the industry, there is no official statistics, the company as a domestic color machine R & D and production of leading enterprises, accounting for about 30% of the domestic color machine market share.

CSG Color Sorter has been focused on the development and marketing of optoelectronic identification core technologies and products.

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