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China 's first artificial intelligent color sorter

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As long as the rice into the machine, you can automatically "pick" a good rice, bad rice, and they were sent to different exports, with the previous is not the same, bad rice out of the probability of good rice is almost zero, And the screening process through the computer, mobile phones, IPAD and other operations, alarm, diagnosis. Yesterday, in the rice deep processing industry technology innovation strategic alliance 2016 annual meeting, the CSG released China's first artificial intelligence color sorter machine - Zhenzhi series of rice color machine.

It is reported that this machine handling capacity of more than 300 tons a day, more than 50 tons of ordinary color selection machine, and sorting accuracy can reach 99.999%, bad rice out of the good meters infinitely close to zero, "This means Bad rice is almost no good rice was brought out. "Is expected in April to promote the use of the domestic market.
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