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Transformation of China agricultural machinery

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Transformation and transformation of agricultural machinery industry

The state in the process of upgrading the transformation of agricultural machinery industry, can be described as spent great efforts, moving generous. First, the "China made 2025", the agricultural equipment is listed as one of the top ten key areas of development; Second, the recent media exposure, "China Agricultural Machinery Industry" thirteen "plan" draft fix. The introduction of these policies and the forthcoming, the development of China's agricultural machinery industry has a great orientation. So, the future of agricultural machinery equipment will go to what kind of direction?

In recent years, around the protection of national food security and the effective supply of agricultural products, agricultural machinery and equipment to enhance the ability of independent innovation and enhance the quality of the industry objectives, in the national project support, revitalization of the introduction of plans and supporting the implementation of policies to stimulate the development of China's agricultural industry developed a number of large , Economical agricultural power and multi-functional agricultural equipment. Modern agricultural machinery technology is characterized by electronic technology, information technology, biotechnology, modern manufacturing technology and other high-tech and agricultural machinery technology integration and development. Developed countries have achieved the full mechanization of agricultural production, extensive use of modern design, green manufacturing, ergonomic, intelligent technology, more and more products of the application of information technology, intelligent and automation and other high-tech, to achieve a precise, intelligent And high efficiency; performance, but also by a single machine technology to the development of mechanical and electrical integration, high degree of specialization of the complex machinery, and the operation is more simple, more accurate control.

The future development trend of agricultural technology has the following aspects:

1. To large-scale, multi-functional, high efficiency, complex joint operations development
The United States, Britain, Canada and other economically developed countries, experienced the 20th century, 40-50 years, the basic mechanization of farming and 60-70 years of livestock and aquaculture after the basic mechanization of the 90's farming and aquaculture industry has entered a highly mechanized, modern Stage, has basically realized the regionalization, specialization, mechanization, socialization, commercialization and network informationization, agricultural machinery to large, high speed, low consumption, multi-function and compound joint operation direction, high power, large duplex joint operation Machine can achieve no-tillage deep pine, stubble, fertilization, precision sowing, ultra-low dose of joint operation function, improve the efficiency of agricultural machinery use.

2. To control the intelligent, operational automation development of foreign agricultural machinery for many years the development

 Experience shows that the use of intelligent, automated mode of operation is the inevitable trend of agricultural development, is the development of efficient food conservation and effective way. In recent years, with the deepening of China's reform and opening up policies, China's science and technology has also made rapid development for China's agricultural production automation, intelligent laid the foundation. Electronic technology applications have been completed from the monitoring function to the intelligent control of the transition, large-scale agricultural machinery using central processing, bus technology, intelligent control of agricultural machinery. According to the observation network, the field of automatic navigation system, machine vision system and other precision agricultural research results have begun to apply, to achieve the agricultural machinery operations of high efficiency, high quality, low energy consumption and improve the operator's comfort and safety.

3. To focus on saving resources and protecting the environment
The fundamental requirement of agricultural development is to improve the utilization of resources, change the traditional mode of production, promote the optimal allocation of resources, environment and modern factors of production, take the road of sustainable development, modern agricultural machinery technology to improve resource use efficiency and agricultural labor productivity Technical support. To resource conservation technology, value engineering technology and labor conservation technology both from the past simply increase the yield of production technology to pay more attention to improve efficiency of the synergistic technology change, from the main to overcome the constraints of resources to overcome the dual constraints of resources and market changes, by the single technology Demand to the whole technology needs change.

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