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Agricultural machinery sales by e-business model

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September 20, Jingdong, Yixin and agricultural 1688 network in the Beijing Convention Center jointly held a press conference, officially announced the tripartite in the field of agricultural machinery e-commerce to establish strategic partnership to "electricity + business + financial" model, and jointly promote The Commercialization of Agricultural Machinery Sales and Service.

    At the press conference, the tripartite cooperation operation of the "agricultural franchise stores" in Jingdong agricultural and commercial channels on the line. 10 agricultural enterprises at the meeting signed an agreement to become the first settled in Jingdong agricultural machinery and electrical business. According to reports, the three parties through the "agricultural franchise stores," the co-operation, the online agricultural sales, agricultural finance leasing, line after-sales service, agricultural technical guidance and so on, so that farmers can not complete the door to agricultural consulting, Purchase and financing fundraising and other links, and enjoy door-to-door, instant installation, maintenance, agricultural technology and other services.

As the first to achieve the agricultural line of agricultural sales, transportation, sale, financial services through the agricultural and electrical business platform, the "agricultural franchise stores" to fill the field of agricultural and other fields of agricultural products in the gaps. Jingdong Yang Tianyang, head of agricultural and electrical business, said that through the Jingdong will be the production enterprises, financial services, farmers organic combination of three parties, to play Jingdong as the country's largest self-operated business platform and the role of the nationwide rural electric business base system Advantages, to achieve the flattening of agricultural sales, so that farmers enjoy more than the province of the purchase and after-sales service.

    With the letter of Pratt & Whitney financial leasing of agricultural machinery financial solutions, so that the full price of purchase to become a reality, so that "the first to pay after the rich" as possible, so that more real buyers need to purchase, really enjoy the Pratt & Whitney financial Come to help. Yixing Pratt & Whitney senior vice president Wang Wei told reporters that in order to allow the actual purchase of farmers, through this platform to get more benefits, should be satisfied with all the successful purchase of agricultural users to provide a free additional 25 kinds of significant Disease personal accident insurance, experience the benefits of online shopping, so that farmers really enjoy the purchase of Pratt & Whitney financial to bring tangible help.

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