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CSG will attend 121st China Import and Export Fair

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The 121st China Import and Export Fair (referred to as: Canton Fair) will be held on April 15, 2017 in Pazhou Complex grand exhibition, the Canton Fair has 50 years of history, is China's longest history, the highest level, the largest The most complete type, to the most merchants, the best effect of a comprehensive international trade event, known as the "world's first exhibition."

COLOR SORTER GROUP invited exhibitors, and will display "CSG brand infrared ray color sorting machine". Infrared election machine has three major advantages:
Firstly, the machine includes near infrared CCD image acquisition system and color CCD image acquisition system. The near infrared CCD image acquisition system realizes the near infrared information acquisition of materials, greatly expanding the spectrum application range of color selection machine;
Secondly, the shape selection function is added, and the shape sorting of the material is successfully achieved by extracting the shape features such as circle rate, straight line rate, circumference and area.
Third, the use of transmission background plate to replace the traditional reflective background board, simplifying the system, improve the stability.

COLOR SORTER GROUP sincerely invite you to visit the exhibition, to share the latest achievements of intelligent sorting equipment for the development of Chinese visual equipment to contribute to the strength!

Booth Number: 3.1C 06-07
Venue: China Import and Export Fair

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