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CSG participated in the 120th Canton Fair

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CMEC from October 15, 2016 to October 19 with the central enterprises of China Machinery Industry Corporation delegation, participated in the 120th Canton Fair.
Through the glorious journey of 60 years, this unprecedented Canton Fair. President Xi Jinping, State Council Premier Li Keqiang and other state leaders to the smooth convening of the Canton Fair sent a congratulatory message. Wang Yang, Vice-Premier of the State Council, visited the exhibition and cordially inspected the booth of Guoxi Group, where our company is located.
Color Sorter Group also attaches great importance to this exhibition, sent by the general manager of the exhibition team led.
During the exhibition, CSG booth full of people before, to come to visit buyers in an endless stream of negotiations. I Division of the traditional advantages of color sorter for its innovative appearance and reliable quality to capture the eyes of many new and old customers, the harvest quite well, and achieved good results in the exhibition.

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