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Vice Governor of Henan Province to visit the CSG

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More consecutive large-scale precipitation during this year's wheat harvest, causing widespread wheat sprout, imperfect grains exceeded, does not meet the national minimum purchase price of wheat quality standards, income, sale of contradiction.

Henan Province, one of China's major wheat producing areas, questions in particular. As of June 30, the province decreased by 39% over its acquisition of small Maituo city. To actively guide the relevant work undertaken, July 5, chairman of the China Grain Reserves Corporation Lu Jun, deputy governor of Henan Province and other leaders Tie line depth market research, visited the central grain reserves under the points Henan Library, devoted to examining the CSG site clean-up effect of wheat color sorter, and highly appreciated.

Research, Lu Jun, chairman pointed out that this year, for the problem of high Henan wheat grain imperfect, small enterprises directly under the city Maituo acquisition, to be exact implementation of national quality standards and requirements of the head office, to accurately grasp the imperfect grains testing methods and processes of wheat accounts meet the quality standards are collected; for imperfect grain wheat overweight is not serious, to take screen cleaning, finishing, color selection mode, trying to organize meet the national quality standards for the acquisition of receivables are collected.

 As early as March this year, CSG will learn wheat industry suffered a widespread problem of excessive grain imperfect, as the Chinese color sorting industry leader, CSG actively fulfill their social responsibilities, in order to effectively protect the interests of farmers, and actively protects the grain purchasing and storage processing enterprises stable operation of the company for the first time on wheat color sorter product, a comprehensive technology upgrade.

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