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Color Sorter routine maintenance guide

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For the purchase of color sorter manufacturers, quality color sorter, the price determines the color sorter has become the choice of considerations, they will often ignore the color sorter maintenance. In fact, the color sorter maintenance largely determines the period of use of color sorters, so it seems to maintain the key color sorter pot life.

Color Sorter Maintenance Guide:

1 in the boot process, at least once every two hours to drain
2, color sorters work in the process, should be functioning and effectiveness of real-time observation of color sorting equipment, such as abnormal sound or hear a color selection is not good, it must be stopped immediately check
3, after the shutdown, should do the necessary finishing work, slide hopper, sorting boxes glass dust to be cleaned to avoid clogging the machine, rust, etc.
4, periodically check your brush cleaning operation is in place to keep clean the camera lens and glass
5, regular cleaning of the filter cartridge to prevent clogging
6, check the brightness of LED lights enough, whether it is normal, in a timely manner repair replacement ready

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