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Inner Mongolia buy machine solve mildew problem

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By 2015, countries continue to implement the three northeastern provinces and Corn in temporary storage policy, and made some adjustments, moldy grain content strictly controlled within 2%, 2% or more of the corn by the local government to study and solve.

Regional party committee and government attach great importance to the acquisition of excessive corn, promptly organized the acquisition of autumn teleconference full deployment. Chairman of the battle in the region has 2 meeting indicating localities and departments should do a good job this year of the acquisition, in particular, to seriously address the problem of excessive corn acquisition, and the acquisition of autumn winter and spring work as the top priority of economic work task. Vice-Chairman Wang Yuming has four times to hold a special meeting to study ways to acquire excessive corn, timely report the situation to the principal leaders, has twice led the Autonomous Region Grain Administration, Department of Finance, the Agricultural Development Bank Inner Mongolia Branch, Inner Mongolia Branch of stored grain and other relevant departments to go to Tongliao, Hulunbeier City Xing'an League and other key areas of research to understand the situation, repeatedly say the acquisition progress, many instructions as soon as possible find solutions.

According to the regional government and the deployment of the relevant instructions of the leadership, relevant departments actively to the initiative to act, to do all the work of the acquisition of autumn.

First, earnestly implement the national policy of temporary storage. In order to meet the standards of maize sold to the timely and orderly temporary depot point, to prevent a large area of ​​moldy corn, grain storage in Inner Mongolia Branch, autonomous regions and Food Bureau, Inner Mongolia Branch of the Agricultural Development Bank held a joint meeting, laid wide purchasing and storage library points, to facilitate the farmers Shou Liang. As of January 6, 2016, the region had laid temporary reservoir 495 points, representing an increase of 77 in 2014, the basic realization of the full coverage of the focus areas, and fully meet the needs of farmers Shou Liang, acquired a total of 10,665,000 temporary storage of corn ton, the acquisition is progressing smoothly.

Second, the widely publicized policy of purchasing and storage. To expand the acquisition policy of identifying faces, so that farmers sell "understand grain", the district several times in the Inner Mongolia daily newspaper, radio, television and other autonomous regions and major news media policy interpretation. Each region in the news media on the basis of interpretation, villages and households to explain the policy for purchasing and by issuing "letter to Shou Liang farmers", "corn temporary storage policy quiz" and many other user-friendly propaganda data storage policies were widely disseminated to farmers, truly a full coverage policy advocacy.

Third Take Measures to control corn mildew, speed up the progress of the acquisition. All localities and departments combined "Ten full coverage" project depth Gacha, villages, mobilizing farmers courtyard strengthen management, "lying grain" in snow immediately pour heap, ground, ventilation processing, mold has occurred variable rod ear, carefully selected, the timely removal, to prevent mildew from spreading. Actively carry out pilot work grain farmer Paul science and scientific grain farmers knowledge, training, promotion of scientific knowledge and methods of grain storage, grain storage change the traditional farmer attitudes and habits. Guide farmers to seize the opportunity to lower the temperature, pay close attention to threshing, timely sales, reduce storage time increases the risk of moldy corn, serves decent food, serves decent price. Mobilize cadres in villages, cooperatives and other leading officials and rich leaders to sell their surplus grain, farmers wait eliminate psychological. Boot ground corn deep processing enterprises acquired market actively encourage trading enterprises and large farming initiative to adapt to the market, follow the market to carry out market-oriented acquisitions, calling on farmers exceeding corn deep processing enterprises to sell or keep retention with grain. Strengthen the tracking and monitoring of corn grain mildew development and changes, real-time grasp the actual situation, to take timely response measures to deal resolutely curb the expansion of corn mildew situation.

After much research and special study session, considering a variety of factors, the spirit of "focused, discrimination, Union City sub-measures and policies" principle, autonomous decisions, according to the Union City exceeded the amount of corn for grain mildew problem of excessive Compare serious lack of self-digestion and inaccessible Union City, the new autonomous region with special color sorter corn, corn on the excessive separation of color sorting to resolve the problem of excessive corn acquisitions.

The color sorter is equipped with a one-time regional financial investment 4,000 million, is the highest degree of concern in recent years, the regional government, autonomous regions and finance earmarked for food acquisition invested most, the fastest time. On the basis of excessive digestion of corn to fully tap the social forces on the acquisition, will solve this fundamental problem of excessive corn acquisition, will also in the future to solve the problem of excessive corn acquisitions provide support and protection.

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