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CSG win the bidding of 20 grain color sorter

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CSG win the bidding of 20 grain color sorter from Dengzhou Goverment

ZTE Henan Dengzhou Construction Management Co., Ltd. entrusted by the Grain Bureau, the Bureau of Food Dengzhou grain color sorter equipment purchases for domestic public tender, the rules and procedures of the bid opening, evaluation, calibration, now on this the successful results of the tender announced as follows:
1, the tender name and tender number:
    Project Name: Dengzhou Grain Bureau grain color sorter equipment procurement projects
    Tender No: ZXYCG-2015-245
2, the tender brief description:
Purchase content: grain color sorter 20 (containing screw air compressors, gas tank, air dryer, hopper, discharging switch interface, dust removal device).
Source of funds: funds have been implemented.
3, the media and the pre-qualification announcement Date: May 13, 2016 in the "Henan provincial government procurement network", "Dengzhou Public Resource Exchange Center Network" publicly available.
4, evaluation information:
    Evaluation Date: June 30, 2016 15:00 PM entire
    Evaluation Location: Dengzhou Public Resource Exchange Center, 9th Floor Conference Room
    Members of the bid evaluation committee: Liwan Yong, Liu Mingzhuo, Li Chongming, Songding Yu, Guo Jianguo
5, recommended the winning bidder:
    The first successful candidate: Color Sorter Group
    The price: ¥ 3660000 Yuan
    Address: High-tech Zone, Hefei, Anhui Magnolia Avenue
    The second successful candidate: Hefei QIZ Machinery Co., Ltd.
    The price: ¥ 3760000 Yuan
    Address: Hefei, Anhui Province Feixi taohuazhen Chang'an industrial agglomeration area
6, the matter of tender contact:
    Tender: Dengzhou City Grain Bureau
    Bidding agency: ZTE Henan Construction Management Co., Ltd.
    Contact: Ms. Wang
    Address: Zhengdong New Road and Agricultural Road intersection 200 meters north wishful Jianye headquarters in Hong Kong Block D 501
    Other matters Description:

    Evaluation of the results of the public: July 1, 2016 - July 30, 2016 (weekdays)
All parties disagrees with the results of the bid, in the successful outcome of the public notice period in writing (verbal declined, phone, fax, mail, e-mail and other forms) questioned the tender and bidding agency (legal entity signed and sealed and stamped with the official seal), and provide written evidence, power of attorney and my ID card submit overdue submitted by the legal representative or agent to carry questioning or letter will not be submitted in accordance with the requirements admissible.

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