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Daily Care and Maintenance of color sorters

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Care and maintenance of color sorters are the things we have been emphasizing, because only safeguard, and in order to better use. Color Sorter Maintenance to do the following aspects.

  1. Every shift maintenance operations
  Check the air compressor, cylinders, filters and other parts are intact, loose, sweeping dust and sewage drainage of each part.
  2. scraping ash dust removal
  Cleaning once a week with an air gun to clean ash scraping device epithelium (hair) brush dust; checked monthly skin (hair) brush for smooth operation, if loose, tighten loose position. Period of time if the skin (hair) brush soft leather (fur) dumped to one side, you can remove the skin (hair) brush up and down the swap can continue to use.
  3. Dust separation chamber
  Color Sorter sorting Dust on the interior and exterior glass (usually before glass sorting room), with a clean, soft cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol, and check whether the scraper ash running
normal. Other glass surface is completely dry and clean before performing color choice.
  4. The filter drain
  Filter means all machine parts pneumatic supply, sewage must be ground water (at least 2 times per shift) to prevent all kinds of impurities into the machine core component damage to the machine, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.
  5. Run check
  During operation signal indicative of the tour (including work instructions, alarm indication) and the spray valve operation conditions;
  6. After maintenance work down
  Please clean up the air gun vibrator (especially condensed material hopper vibrator), within the body, receiving hopper, scraper brush.

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