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China promote food processing and conversion

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Food processing and conversion, one attached to the reserve, one attached to the sale, the entire flow of the chain hub. In the current situation of high food stocks, grain processing and conversion for the engine to the whole industry chain model as a path, and vigorously promote the economic development of the food industry, food may well be an effective way to inventory.

Subsidies for food processing in situ conversion.

They procurement of raw materials, and grain, grain Beijing, the Great Northern Wilderness (600,598) and other large state-owned enterprises to establish long-term stable trade relations of cooperation, will help to ensure a stable supply of raw materials.

Currently, a new round of major agricultural products price formation mechanism reform has started, grain purchasing and storage systems and mechanisms will subsequently undergo fundamental change, the state-owned grain enterprises' income unprocessed, tube raw grain, raw grain to sell "business model will be difficult, must be vigorously develop grain industry economic survival and development.

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