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CSG leading the national brand for color sorter

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In China's Anhui Tea Village, farmers no longer need to identify through the eyes of poor quality tea, just put a lot of tea poured into a machine, a few seconds will be able to inferior quality tea and tea to distinguish, saving hours of work.

This machine, called color sorters have been widely used in China quality testing of rice, wheat, tea and other agricultural and industrial products, and China has become the world's highest penetration rate of color sorter country. And China's own production of color sorters from scratch, from there to a strong experienced only 20 years time.

1990s, China's color sorter industry by foreign brands in a comprehensive monopoly, the price of each color sorters or even more than one million yuan. In this context, CSG first breakthrough, launched China's first color sorter with completely independent intellectual property rights, breaking the monopoly of technology, to promote the popularity of the color sorter in Chinese Agricultural Products Processing. In recent years, color sorters companies out of the country, launched a "break new sea" of the road.

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