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CSG open a new charter for automation ore sorting

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CSG is a professional intelligent color sorting equipment research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, with Tsinghua, USTC and other domestic top universities rely on technology research and development center, has a complex field with photovoltaic technology experts and innovative talents to the core of the high-quality development team.

CSG is the result of the country and even the world of friendship and cooperation partners recognized specialization, refinement, standardization of automated ore sorting equipment manufacturing research and development company, which aims to set up professional people to do professional things, focused on the development of China's own production of ore color sorters. CSG on the basis of an accurate grasp of strategic planning, resource companies the status quo and existing technology system, in the "technology to be effective," the mining very period, China's first true color sorter ore will come into being!

CSG ore ever since the advent of color sorter will uncover some manufacturers have been using food machine food machine beneficiation or after the transformation of the so-called color sorting machine for ore beneficiation ugly veil. Many manufacturers in the use of such products, problems ensued. Optical path unreasonable, spray valves and frequent replacement due to quality problems, and frequent replacement of damaged roller so a series of problems. Whether it be a question which is not on-site to solve problems. CSG through the visits, as well as features for the ore mining development direction, the company make full use of high-quality scientific research, the ore color sorter successfully applied to mining production. So that many mining companies to mine the rational use of resources and reduce waste to maximize resources and reduce mining investment risk, avoid detours, and ultimately help mining enterprises to improve the quality and recovery of mineral products, achieve process optimization, to maximize the economic benefits Environmental Protection legalized, the lowest cost of production, and technological achievements into practical use.

A company's reputation is not the company's own publicity comes, so that all customer satisfaction is our cooperation with the exchange, precisely, is the company's product quality in return. Company to "advanced technology, good faith" for the purpose, has many domestic and foreign large-scale mining companies in close cooperation, establish a good reputation and friendship. A comprehensive, sophisticated, professional, rigorous use of technical support in China ore sorting industry has made remarkable achievements.

CSG's success is inseparable from the mining community of friends support and trust, we are willing to work with new and old customers, and promote innovation and the development of mineral processing technology, to create eco-mining, and strive for China's mining career revolutionary promote and accelerate the development of mineral processing technology to enhance China pace. To create the best technology, the best environment, the best benefits of a harmonious mine, sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win

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