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China sorting machine break the foreign monopoly

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Picking rice, wash rice, pick sand, once in front of every household cooking "compulsory exercise." Today, the "rice, cereals, tea and other agricultural products can be completed on an industrial assembly line precision color options, and detect the chemical composition of various types of food, and provide scientific guarantee for quality control and product analysis.

In the 1990s, China is a big country also produces food not a color sorter, either by human hand screening, or can only buy foreign brands. The color sorter monopolize the Chinese market price of those of Britain, Japan and other countries of the hundreds of millions, was for domestic food production and processing enterprises is undoubtedly an astronomical figure, was simply not afford the luxury.

Faced with this market situation, CSG established and started technical research, soon to create China's first color sorter. After the introduction of the market, with excellent product performance, reasonable price, prompt a large number of agricultural products processing enterprises to promote the application to drive industry-wide recognition, sub-election boost efficiency.

Constantly breaking the monopoly of foreign technology, it has launched the country's first all-digital color sorter, color sorter intelligent, versatile grains and dried fruit color sorter, tea color sorter, color sorter wheat and other items fill the gaps New product. At present, the color sorting technology has been applied to more than 200 kinds of agricultural products, China also became the world's highest penetration rate of color sorter country.

"Over the years, many foreign companies have put forward the idea of ​​the acquisition, but we have been decisively rejected, even OEM nothing. Not only that, we have to make their own brands and products go out, take the initiative to occupy the international market . "Lin first.

Faced with quality products and first-class service, an international market doors constantly open. Currently, CSG grain color sorter not only into the Southeast Asian "breadbasket of the world" like this, but also exported to the United States, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Mexico, Argentina and other nearly 100 countries and regions, by international market users . By 2016, the company expects exports will strive to more than 300 million yuan.

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