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CSG sorting equipment debut CHINAPLAS 2016

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CSG sorting team will focus on the latest generation of plastic on two CHINAPLAS2016 sorting equipment, combinations thereof, can optimize waste sorting and efficient integrated solutions.

Play a more important role under more stringent regulations

According to the end of 2015 and the Chinese Ministry of Information Industry issued regulations, the use of automated sorting and processing output higher than 30,000 tons is already an essential requirement for new waste recycling facilities, waste sorting capacity must be higher than the new recycling plant this standard. In addition, the regulations also for energy and other resource consumption is proposed more stringent limits.

Due to the continuous increase in labor costs, and the slowdown in China's economic growth, the recovery of domestic enterprises are facing increasing operating pressures. CSG sensor-based automatic waste sorting solutions can reduce labor costs and increase sorting capacity, to provide customers with more added value, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of protecting the environment, while also helping local recycling companies to achieve energy conservation to comply with the new regulatory requirements.

In order to further strengthen the commitment to customer service, CSG soring machine will launch a new service project on CHINAPLAS2016 Show

Comprehensive "CSG care" services include 28 aspects, covering a wide range, including process consulting, flexible financial options, installation and testing, remote online technical support, staff training, regular maintenance support, equipment optimization and upgrading, etc. .

"CSG care" services also include the launch of a new service seven days a week, 24 hours a day customer service hotline to ensure that customers are running around the clock to provide continuous real-time technical support services to ensure the customer's production line is always at its best performance level.

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