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6th International Grain & Oil Machinery Exhibition

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Sixth China (Guangzhou) international grain and oil machinery and packaging equipment exhibition will be held in Canton Fair 2016-06-29 to 2016-07-01 Area B, Guangzhou (Yuejiang Road, Guangzhou, 382) to carry out.

The exhibition will cover food machine exhibition, grain and oil machinery exhibition, exhibition of packaging equipment, rice packaging exhibition, exhibition 2016 grain machine, rice packaging exhibition 2016, 2016 grain and oil machinery exhibition, exhibition 2016 filling machine, blowing machine exhibition, color sorter exhibition, quantitative packing scale exhibition, exhibition grain dryer, grain and oil technology exhibition, exhibition valve, grain and oil packaging exhibition, exhibition centrifuge.

An exhibition area of ​​20,700 square meters, 604 exhibitors, is the national professional grain machinery industry exhibition. Well-known brands include: Tech-Long, Yongcheng Electronics, Zhangzhou Yujie, Zhangzhou power exhibition, Zhangzhou Hong Min, Demark Group, Crown Asia, energy Machinery, around the machinery, the centrifugal machinery, transit Valley, Huatai grain dryer, satellite Kun machinery, Qi Rui Jinxi, Chen Yu-mechanical, Xingyuan filter, Andritz, Ming Yang Machinery Tom packaging, West An Kunbo, Ting grain machine, grain machine, Xian Feng, Young workers sewing machines, Tan filling machinery, Iseki farm, Hyde machinery, Bethlehem equipment, machinery Gu Kang, TOYOX, three-dimensional transport, Jiusheng warehousing, packaging, labeling still take more than 1,000 grain and oil brand.

Previous attendance total 34805 people, 25509 people of which domestic and foreign visitors 9296; a total of 566 delegates, including 353 domestic, 213 overseas. 2016 trade visitors expected 30% growth.

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