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manufacture agricultural machine by spirit artisan

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Premier Li Keqiang in this year's "two sessions" mentioned in the government work report, to encourage enterprises to carry out customization, flexible production, foster excellence artisan spirit, increase varieties, improve quality, create brand. This is the term "craftsman spirit" first appeared in the government work report.
Even the Prime Minister are concerned artisan spirit, apparently people are not doing enough in this regard. What is the craftsman's spirit? In fact, it is a kind of intensive cultivation, excellence, meticulous spirit, a bent on the product to achieve the ultimate style. Artisan spirit and corresponding to act is impulsive, casual, perfunctory, careless, perfunctory, almost on the line.
With the arrival of the new normal economy, the agricultural industry is also facing increasing challenges. This is to promote artisan spirit, the perfect time to do fine products, but also from the "supply side" of starting structural reforms to meet rising consumption level of farmers demand for high-end users of the product quality and the question of meaning.
Of course, for the Chinese lack the spirit of craftsmen phenomenon, who's agricultural machinery industry has long been aware of. In this year during the two sessions of March 15, the National Consumer Protection Day is the day of the NPC agricultural machinery industry, Vice President of Zoomlion Wang Jinfu in an interview with reporters, said: "We may be thinking and practice process, the lack of a sinking heart to do the product, sinking heart to do the service, the ability to sink the heart to do the brand may need one hundred percent of your investment, we may result only 80%, it is considered to be met, it did not reach the ultimate . "
Products such as character, in fact, refers not to the poor quality of products to deceive or entrap users. When consumers pay to buy your product, when farmers spend big money to buy your farm, they look forward to is that you get comfortable with the product, the job can make money, and not to think of him when your products bring even the slightest trouble. We know that agricultural products are used as a means of production, even a small farm machinery, would take the number of thousand dollars, hundreds of thousands, millions of large-scale agricultural mention. Some farmers even hassle to buy a farm, friends and relatives to borrow over and over to achieve the aspirations of, and if it hit buy a harvester or tractor home fault constantly, jumping have a heart.
In the domestic market, John Deere, CSG color sorter and some other international brand of agricultural machinery is often like we used as a benchmark, said positive examples, but also many domestic enterprises as the quality of the subject company. why? Because many agricultural products in our country the most critical indicators of trouble-free operation time or reliability indicators, is an obvious weakness. For some farmers, the configuration of your product need not be so high, technology is not so advanced, but the point is to ask a few problems. Not buy back home, replacement parts and lost on the road, the oil will leak out, that is how Wohuo!
In China, agricultural products as a high-intensity, harsh operating environment of production, compared to some household items, higher reliability of the product, so the product was poured on the craftsman's spirit expectations will be higher. Therefore, we must focus on the craftsman's spirit, one important point is to make up for shortcomings in the method of operation, quality of personnel, responsibility, management tools, etc., especially in the most critical manufacturing sectors to accelerate the catch-up in the enterprise cultivate the spirit of craftsmen and skilled workers, to create a strong advocate artisan spirit ambience.
At present, with the upgrading of China's rural economic development and farmers' spending power, user demand for agricultural products is also escalating. In recent years, higher operating efficiency, greater power agricultural products more and more farmers welcome. However, we have such a complicated region, the diverse needs of the country, the needs of farmers differentiation also showed very clearly, some farmers large Mali Nong machine there is a demand, but demand for low-end products are not in the farmers few. Overall, our current agricultural enterprise development ideas should seize the low-end and high-end catch on. In our knowledge, the low is to focus on more high-end technology and price terms, the low-end products, does not mean low quality, low-cost does not mean low quality. In a certain price range, in the company's cost tolerance, there has to be the quality of products to achieve the ultimate spirit of the so-called "affordable." As long as the user's product is sold to farmers, what price is your freedom, but on the quality of products, in dealing with the user's responsibility, no time can be sloppy!
This also allows the author to think, some people say that a few years ago after the original provision of agricultural subsidies need to put on the market three years to apply for promotion into the agricultural subsidies directory identified practices hinder agricultural innovation. In fact, the original intention of agricultural subsidies are subsidies for farmers to use farm machinery mature and reliable. In reality we have a lot of business, product market has not been fully verified, hastily put on the market return on investment, resulting in the product reliability, suitability, security, and so there is a big shortage. Put an immature product so that farmers can come when the test can be considered typical of the lack of artisan spirit performance.
Implementation of the policy of agricultural subsidies over a decade, agricultural machinery industry in terms of scale made remarkable achievements, China's comprehensive level of agricultural mechanization has increased dramatically. However, at present we have only big agricultural country, but not agricultural power. With the arrival of the new normal economy, the agricultural industry is also facing increasing challenges, promote artisan spirit, so refined products from the "supply side" of starting structural reforms to provide farmers with more cost-effective products to meet consumer continuously upgrade the level of farmers' demand for high-end users of the product quality.
At present, our domestic enterprises with foreign enterprises compared to the gap is still very large, play artisan spirit, good product is the first. In terms of products, we are not looking to turn to overtake, eat a fat one. There is no perfect product, we can only ever be behind others with the run. Wang Jinfu in an interview with reporters also said that domestic enterprises to become globally competitive companies, the primary focus is to use artisans spirit products do, do the brand.
Less impetuous attitude, more artisan spirit, which is China's agricultural machinery manufacturing, with our largest agricultural industry expectations
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