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Xixiang held CSG tea color sorter demo conference

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May 10, held Xixiang new tea processing equipment Promotion and CSG tea color sorter Demo conference, county tea, hair change, trade, ECDC, market supervision, SMG text brigade, Tea Association and other departments, the unit responsible for people inside and outside the county as well as from business representatives tea, tea production and tea processing large machinery suppliers for goods of nearly 60 people attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the county tea bureau speech, hoping to further advance of the meeting through the county tea production mechanization development, and actively explore the development of mechanized tea production model to improve the level of mechanization in tea production, improve the county's tea production and processing capacity, promote the tea industry to mention upgrading. CSG person in charge of the company's profile and tea color sorter performance and utilization effects of the situation in the country. The tea color sorter uses the world's most advanced high-resolution lens and ultra-high-speed intelligent image acquisition system having a stable and consistent product quality to meet the needs of high-volume packaging, minimum operating skill requirements and low operating cost advantages.

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