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China Farmers get subsidies to buy Color Sorter

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Farmers get subsidies to buy Color Sorter

"The government subsidies to make me firm confidence in their own businesses." November 9, Meishan City pengshan Peng Chong Hing town village eight groups of villagers Li Huadong, buy a large color sorters, the Agricultural Machinery Bureau in accordance with the district policy he paid 20,000 yuan for the subsidy. In this regard, Li Huadong said happily, "Now the policy really benefit the people."

It is understood that this is the area's first farmers to buy to get subsidies to purchase the CSG color sorter. Once working outside Li Huadong ready to return home business, but suffer from lack of funds. I heard later color sorters can enjoy agricultural subsidies, he invested more than ten million yuan to buy a large color sorters, get 20,000 yuan subsidy.

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