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Anhui Heduan acquisition Zhongke Sorting factory

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According to China Securities Regulatory Commission to complete Anhui issued "on the approval of Hefei co-forging Machine Tool Co. to start segment such as palm issue shares to buy assets and raise matching funds approved" (SFC license [2015] No. 2885), Hefei co-forging Machine Tool Co. Branch photoelectric color Machinery Co., Ltd. 100% of the equity transfer of industry and commerce registration, the stake holders of the shares has been changed to co-forging. After the merger SOLARPOWER become a wholly owned subsidiary of co-forging shares.

Co-forging shares is a leading large-scale forging equipment automation technology and complete sets of equipment industrial base, is a hydraulic press, mechanical presses, and other special high-precision machine tool product development, production, sales and service as one of the major equipment manufacturing enterprises belonging Country CNC forming stamping equipment industry technology innovation strategic alliance vice president of units, the State torch program focused on high-tech enterprises. The major products for all kinds of special, general hydraulic and mechanical presses, widely used in automotive, marine, aerospace, rail transportation, energy, petrochemicals, household appliances, military, new materials and other industries and fields.

Anhui Branch photoelectric color Machinery Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in R & D photoelectric detection and classification equipment, production and sales of major products for color sorters, tea color sorters and other uses of color sorters. After years of development, SOLARPOWER growing rapidly and has become a domestic intelligence detected sorting equipment industry leading technology, different specifications than the whole, a larger scale, with greater influence in the enterprise. Applications photodetector and grading equipment is very extensive, penetrated into agriculture, industry, services and residents in all aspects of daily life.

Upon completion of the acquisition, the company in terms of business size, profitability, earnings per share and other will be enhanced, enhance the company's profitability. In the rich industrial structure, but also improve the ability to resist risks.

Future, together with the Shares will be wrought SOLARPOWER unified development system and realize technology sharing to achieve advantages in intelligent manufacturing equipment complementarities. Meanwhile, the integrated application of new sensor technology, network communication technology, digital measuring diagnostic technology, networking technology, big data and artificial intelligence technology to achieve Forging equipment flexibility, efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, and other aspects of intelligence upgrading the manufacturing process to digital, information, intelligence integrated manufacturing development, improve product design, manufacturing and management level, and gradually shift from forming a high-end equipment manufacturers intelligent manufacturing equipment systems service provider

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