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CSG sorting machine is popular in Canton Fair

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At present, the Chinese Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair) opened, color sorter group carefully prepared tea color sorter products on display in the bright scene at the Canton Fair

This time, the Star Power Group Booth yellow as the main tone, distinctive style atmosphere, attracting the attention of many customers, the booth is always full of people before, participating merchants flocked to guests from around the world to enter the booth. CSG also sent a team of elite exhibitors, the warm reception visiting businessmen, merchants patiently answered questions generators to provide professional consulting services. CSG color sorter reliable performance, stability, economy, power, durability and environmental safety have been greatly show, CSG's brand awareness and market influence has been greatly enhanced in the show.

With Fair this platform, CSG also kept informed of color sorter forward-looking technology trends, to grasp market trends and opportunities beyond their own, CSG will continue its efforts in product quality, so that more people come into contact with high-SORTING MACHINE, trying obtain greater achievements in the market.

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