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Nigeria LIT Group buy 2sets of peanut color sorter

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LIT Group is leading peanut foods supplier of Nigeria, LIT Group purchase two sets of CSG peanut color sorter, and the machines are runing good with best sorting performance now.

LIT group is a diversified conglomerate with interests in key sectors of the Nigerian economy with interests in food processing, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, trading and more! We are endowed with over a decade of excellent service delivery and saddled with a passion to meeting people's everyday needs for quality products and services with a touch of professionalism that is next to none.
Our distinctive advantages are built upon a firm devotion to quality, product integrity and a resolute commitment to customer experience and satisfaction.

Our operational headquarters is located in the ancient city of Benin, Nigeria in West Africa and is home to over two hundred dedicated professionals working tirelessly to meet the group’s vision.

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