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CSG launch the double layer mine Color Sorter

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CSG launch of the double track ore color sorter has been more and more customers are using the ore, the traditional way of dressing adds a new mineral processing means that is visible photoelectric color.
CSG track ore color sorter has three major technical features, and no processing equipment can not be compared. First, the track ore color sorting machine conveyor belt, material level transport, collision is small, low breakage rate; Second, track uniform and stable transfer speed, yield and impurity at the same velocity, is conducive to the proper color selection, color selection of high precision ; Third, the world's leading image processing algorithms, reducing the ratio with the material for our customers to reduce unnecessary losses.
CSG track ore color sorter wide variety of materials can be divided into the election, whether small particles or chunks of cobblestone color selection can achieve good results, especially for K-feldspar, quartz, calcite, wollastonite, calcium carbonate, color selection effect of manganese ore, tungsten ore and other significant. A color sorter ore solve your trouble separations, multiple ore color sorter to help you lead the peers
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