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Qianshsn introduce intelligent tea color sorter

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Recently, Buried Hill County, five Miaoxiang tea refining plant with a picking tea experts, sort of dry tea per 500 kg, equivalent to that used to take 20 workers to one day labor, which is the introduction of the CSG intelligent tea plant color sorters, to improve tea quality and economic benefits is important.

Equipped with high tea color sorter, the technician simply operate on computer keys set the tea shape and size, color, time between the sensor and the background board through from the image sensor can collect information, computer processing system grading process, and outputs a signal , separated driven solenoid valve.

Grading good tea, good bar, the same size, color pleasing, natural appearance in the excellent quality and good unity, no impurities, good tea prices. Grade tea stems, yellow leaves separated in different waste bucket.

Buried Hill has gained prominence "Tianzhu sword cents," origin Miaoxiang main five, but because of past inconsistent shape and size of tea, fresh color varies by time-consuming manual sorting, combined with a shortage of labor, wages are high, can not meet the market demand .

Year, "package village couplet door" agricultural technicians recommend the introduction of CSG king tea color sorter, where the king saw opportunities to invest over 70 million yuan to buy this CSG intelligent photoelectric color sorter, during tea, to this day, sorting tea flocked color sorter processing charges one yuan per kilogram dry tea, tea, tea color sorter reduce processing costs and labor choose tea pollution, so that clean, standardize tea. Both increase tea production, quality, and a substantial increase in economic benefits.

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