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Optical sorting use in recycled glass industry

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Industrial plastic can be recycled, processing, re-use, glass sheet, broken glass also has a recycling processing and utilization value. Daily life, all kinds of glass bottles, food seasoning bottles, drink bottles, medicinal bottles, these bottles can be recycled, or treated reprocessed into other glass products.

Glass products processing, there are two cases, one is intact glass recycling, bottle after treatment can be used directly, beer bottle recycling is one example; another is broken glass material recycling. Reprocessing broken glass frit great difficulty, especially the pre-processing. Processors should not only consider the amount of recycled cullet impurity material, but also for color sorting, since colored glass in the manufacture of colorless flint glass can not be used, and the production of amber glass only allowed to join the 10% green or flint glass, therefore, broken glass must be picked by hand or machine color.

How broken glass materials, glass color elected and impurity removal, which is become a vexing problem. Fortunately, there CSG color sorter for the majority of processors to solve this problem. The use of color sorter, the glass in different colors separately is no better method, you can also remove impurities, do both. Broken glass, easy to hurt the hand, artificial selection, high costs, the emergence of color sorter, the development of the glass recycling industry will add more opportunities.

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