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Intelligent color sorter become farmers assistant

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Picking tea, tea processing is the last essential programs. Every Tea Festival, tea processing plants have to hire workers to complete the necessary work. Four or five women around a big sun Qiang, patient and meticulous yellow leaves in the dry tea, tea stems removed. Recently, Hill County, five Miaoxiang tea refining plant had a magical work picking tea, four or five hundred pounds of dry tea picking, about half an hour to get. The picking tea experts, is the introduction of the CSG factory photoelectric color sorter. "With this intelligent color sorter, tea grades greatly enhanced." Director Wang proudly told reporters.

    April 17 morning, the reporter went to five Miaoxiang tea refining plant, we are catching up with the boss to pull a few tea bags of dry tea to sort, let us witnessed this picking tea master of the craft. Just on the computer technician key operation, set about sensitivity, a bag of dried tea fed into feed hopper, the other end of the machine, tea grade falls on different receiving hopper where a clear separation of tea stems and other impurities in the waste bucket inside. Pointing machine technician said to us, enter the tea due to the size, the color difference between the sensor and the background plate when passing through from the image sensor can collect information, computer processing system grading process, and outputs a signal for driving the electromagnetic valve for separation.

"Grading good tea, weight symmetry, no impurities, better fortune teller, catty tea can sell about 10 yuan." Cheng Chen Chong tea plantation early this morning to pull 4 large bags of dried tea is waiting for coloring sorting machine sorting. CSG intelligent color sorter bring benefits, he quite some feeling: "In the past, 400 pounds of dry tea, to pick at least 10 workers, each worker to one hundred yuan color sorter processing fees catty 1. Yuan counted, per hundred pounds of dry tea cost 150 yuan, "Wang Run New Hengshan village women spend years doing picking tea in the tea factory workers, she said:." Picking tea 10 hours a day down Yaosuanbeiteng, how machines nice and easy. "

    Hill is the historic birthplace of tea, the origin of the coin, the tea quality tea Tianzhu sword outstanding. After Guyu tea shoots grew on Dasan, Tianzhu sword cents tea frying it over, picked tea farmers can only do the tea crescent. Since this time teaweed uneven size, color varies by manual sorting time-consuming, and costly. Additionally, staying in his hometown of labor less difficult to find a job. Many farmers and tea factory, no way a lot of effort in sorting the tea. As a result, tea inevitable impurities, no fortune teller, naturally do not sell a good price. Years of running out of tea sales Wang Shi Fu often asking this question. Color sorters, let Pharaoh find the efficiency of the section of the channel, also seen the opportunities early, he invested more than 70 million, the purchase of the county's first intelligent CSG photoelectric color sorter. According to Wang Shi Fu introduction, every morning sorting tea flocked here. Five silver floor Miaoxiang party secretary Cheng said: "The tea color sorter, reducing processing costs and labor choose tea pollution, for the farmers to bring more economic benefits.

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