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World rice prices will decline in the coming years

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According to the World Bank report released in the next few years, Thai 5% broken rice prices will continue to fall. Reported that in 2014 the Thai 5% broken rice prices fell 19 percent last year, to $ 410 per ton. 2015 will fall by 1.2% during the period subsequent to the year 2025 will decline 0.6%. 2014 Q2 Thai 5% broken rice averaged $ 393 per tonne, the lowest level in 2001 since the first quarter of $ 400. If the Thai government issued rice reserves, then rice prices may face more downward pressure.

The World Bank is also expected in the coming years the global rice prices will fall, because the market is oversupplied. But rice price pressures still exist, especially in the 2014 calendar year, because of the El Nino phenomenon may occur. Q2 2014 global rice prices fell 11 percent from the first quarter, down 27% over the previous year.

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