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CSG be interviewed by Chinese industry newspaper

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CSG be interviewed by Chinese industry newspaper recently, are summarized as follows:

CSG Group is a professional photoelectric detection, grading equipment and application software development, production and sales of high-tech enterprise, is one of the few large-scale color sorter suppliers internationally.

The company's manager Mr.Aaron representation, CSG is committed to the brand and technological innovation. The main products include digital color sorters, grains color sorter, tea color sorter, etc., R & D products are widely used in food quality and safety testing, product testing and industrial health and other fields.

Enhance food safety concept, color sorter demand grew steadily, color sorters are used in rice, grains and other agricultural products finishing tea fields. Aaron said color sorters accounted for more than 80% in sales of color sorter. China as the world's first rice-producing countries have become large beige sorter's largest consumer market.

According to statistics, in 2010 the demand for color sorters China accounted for about 50% of the global color sorters total demand, market prospects. Meiya Optoelectronic reason that success, Lin first tell us to overcome the three major technical barriers: recognition algorithms, high-speed valve and integrated use of electromechanical platforms. Where the accuracy of the identification algorithm requires very high, this standard allows AIU photovoltaic technology to become a leader.

Overseas sales of color sorter continents throughout the world, currently in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, South America and other regions are CSG color sorter company sales network.

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