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Knowledge of associated color sorter & compressor

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Knowledge about associated color sorter and compressor

Selection Under normal circumstances, the number of channels color sorter determines the size of your normal production capacity, it determines how many individual materials (such as rice, beans, plastic sheets, pearls, etc.) you can select every minute. In this context, the number of channels, the more color sorting machine, the greater your gas consumption, so under normal circumstances, the number of channels and the amount of encouragement compressor color selection proportional to remember, general Pneumatic 200 channels machine, both imported and domestic, you configure the pep 5 cubic meters per minute are possible.

But more than three years in the processing of old grain, other small brands of machines will be pressure is too low, air gun shooting, leading the entire machine random chatter, a big shock, pressure indicates the machine's pressure is too low. So in order to maximize the utilization of color sorter, it is recommended to buy 5 cubic air compressor, air compressor, after all, with respect to the price of color sorting machine, it is still very low.

Inquiries can also lower CSG color sorter manufacturer sales staff, we are more aware of their machine accessory products. Also, remember that you must use oil-free air compressor.

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