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Brief analysis the core components of color sorter

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If you want on the site where the key color sorter, it may be necessary to count the color sorting machine identification system: the color sorter heart: Core identification system is a sensor, the sensor color sorter is divided into traditional sensor (photoelectric pipe, tube silicon cells) and ccd (or mos) two kinds of sensors. The sensor consists of pipes with learning and ideas converter composition, its role is to Harmonia ions flow from the high-speed stream of rapid response accurately identified through other components of the configuration of the injection well.

With the development of science and technology, CSG color sorter uses advanced device as a major recognition system. An array device is composed of many tiny photoelectric sensors, which uses high-quality high-definition camera lens dedicated for each channel within the range of movement of the material, typically to several to dozens of the same sensor, respectively independent testing (which can be likened to the structure of the compound eyes, and a single piece of silicon photovoltaic cells are monocular agency). Thus, a grain of rice is also divided into several parts were observed by different viewpoints units, small lesions or pale yellow rice signal is not the average of the other signals, in the case of a large flow of rice or wheat kernels lesion Leis and impurities can also be accurately identified, which can improve productivity and work quality color sorter, and for the small particles of materials such as sesame, etc., can also be a good fit.

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