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China continue to expand the scale of color sorter

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Today, color sorting machinery has become one of China's machinery industry in the top ten industries. While continuing to expand the scale of China-election machinery and equipment, and is accelerating to the optical and electrical integration, automated manner. Have made great progress in terms of filling equipment, color sorter equipment, color sorter material production equipment. But domestic equipment machinery exports is very meager, less than 5% of GDP, imports and output but roughly the same.

This shows that China's demand for color sorting machinery gap large, CSG constantly think of ways to change the faults of others for their own advantage, continuous learning, innovation can only survive in the cracks to stand out in a number of manufacturers, and let himself in intense the competition will not be eliminated and stable enhance their market position.

CSG color sorter new technology builds on color sorter new thinking. Color Sorter new thinking means to transcend the existing color sorter technology and products, will be a combination of other related technologies applied to the formation of a new color sorter color sorter technology, in this regard, including color sorter cut type technology, color sorter curing technology, color sorter function protection technology, combined with color sorter and processing technology, color sorter features borrowed technology. In addition to several outside in front of that there should be some other technologies, such as living things fresh color sorter technology.
According to the display: color sorter processing machinery pursue integration with the emergence of new materials, color sorter, some color sorter process technology has made new changes. Such as self-dry stretch film appearance, making the wrapping, shrink bundling processes into one, the operation is simplified and fast. This color sorter processing integration solves many treatment processes, directly borrowed color sorter mechanism to achieve CSG color sorter processing integration, so that color sorter more potential and effective

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