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China will develop agricultural mechanization

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2014, the Chinese central government on the 1st file attention mechanization of agriculture, encourage the development of professional cooperation, joint-stock cooperative and other forms of farmer cooperatives.

Agriculture and other nine ministries issued "Interim Measures for the national assessment and monitoring of farmer cooperatives model agency" in financial support, financial support for farmers' cooperatives proposed to promote innovative pilot; supporting facilities on the land, raised in the country in the annual construction land specifically for a certain percentage of a separate co-op building supporting facilities, require a certain percentage of construction land directed to the use of cooperatives; in financial and credit is proposed to encourage local governments and private investors to establish a financing guarantee company, to provide loan guarantees for cooperative services ; encourage cooperatives "joint" development, more agricultural cooperatives from the past "rival" and now "hold together" development; financial leasing agricultural pilot after years of preparation, in Xinjiang and Guangxi has taken a substantial step ...... a series of "gold "extreme policy measures for the development of cooperatives raised the sails.

With the expansion of agricultural cooperatives, large-scale operation to extend the industrial chain, accelerate the construction personnel training and agricultural cooperatives are also increasingly important. 2014 National Agricultural Cooperative Service jobs total area of 7.75 million hectares, accounting for about 13% of the total area of agricultural mechanization operations, services more than 45 million households, the average farmer cooperatives serve 985. It can be seen that the agricultural cooperatives in the service capabilities continue to improve at the same time, there is still much room for development. Development of good agricultural cooperatives, norms are not standardized, high or not the quality, look largely cooperative leader - chairman of the overall quality, level of ability. In recent years, increasing training for new professional farmers, but to understand technology, management, the number of new professional farmers composite good management and modern agricultural development needs far less compared. Therefore, to solve this contradiction restrict the development of modern agriculture and promote the healthy development of agricultural cooperatives, agricultural cooperatives improve driving ability, we must take many forms, in many ways, multi-pronged approach to increase the speed up agricultural cooperatives Talents efforts.

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