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China-ASEAN agricultural machinery expo in Guangxi

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September 16, China - ASEAN Expo International Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery Exhibition in Guangxi conduct.

It is understood that this is the first time the international agricultural machinery exhibition in China - ASEAN Expo set up large-scale exhibition, the China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association, China Automotive Industry International Co., Ltd., Guangxi-ASEAN Trade Development Association enterprises, Guangxi Agricultural Bureau jointly undertaken, highlight the ASEAN market demand for Chinese farming equipment, farming equipment, agricultural products and food processing equipment.

In the agricultural exhibition, there are a total of more than 200 sets of farm machinery and color sorter from the CMEC, China First Tractor, China Agricultural Machinery Institute, China harvested and Chery Heavy Industries, Case, Yoshimine agricultural, Shandong Shifeng, Shandong Wuzheng, Dongfeng regular diesel and other famous enterprises election machinery wonderful debut.

During the Expo, also held the China - ASEAN Agricultural Machinery Development Forum and the China - ASEAN Agricultural Machinery Development Roundtable regional cooperation and integration.

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