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CSG color sorter three technological breakthroughs

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The entire computer image display
Black and white sorting machine operator interface, and has long been used to reflect the sensor to capture waveform signal. CSG Since the launch of the first color color sorters, to use computer interface operation color sorter, each camera can display images in real-time, easy to color selection effects monitoring and diagnostics. Old-fashioned touch screen is not suitable for handling require full-color color sorting machines. Touch screen resolution is usually 640 × 480, generally used for CNC machine tools, such as a digital display, the image is displayed on enough. One lateral image of 2048 pixels in the lateral direction of the display 640 is very inconvenient.
Full-color multi-parameter settings
Color color sorting machine parameter settings will involve multiple parameters, usually the material contains a variety of colors, such as: the election of plastic, which may have red, yellow, green, blue, black, white, and sometimes need to keep one color, sometimes retention of two or more colors, or removing one or more than one color, which requires a full-color multi-parameter settings.
Whole visible spectrum LED
Full-color color sorter with the benefits of white LED light source is a long life, is ten times the fluorescent light source; light evenly. CSG is the world's first white LED light source is applied to the full-color color sorting machine. August 2011, 85-year-old American color sorter expert Lorne S.Libin after reading the CSG color sorter, said: "A lot of companies have announced the successful development of the LED light source color sorter, but we did not see their products , CSG is the world's first LED light source color sorter. "
Differences in the optical properties of materials based on the use photoelectric detection technology will particulate material in the heterochromatic particles automated sorting out equipment. Optical color sorter for a quality bulk materials nondestructive testing and grading sorting equipment, food, food, paint and chemical industries have a wide range of applications. The current domestic market domestic brands color sorter occupies a major share, mainly domestic self-developed a new generation of optical color sorter and CCD color sorter, industry leaders already have a high-resolution CCD + IR composite color selection domestic initiative models can be sorting food in plastic, glass, metal, with colored rods and other malignant impurities, reached the international advanced level. Color sorter as a typical light mechatronic systems, and applications related to innovation in all areas of optical and electrical soft, upgrading very fast, is typical of innovative technology products.
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