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Analysis of future color sorter industry trends

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Color Sorter experienced by single to double pale complexion election election by the CMOS sensor to the CCD, the development process from analogue to digital technology has matured, but the color sorting technology is not stagnant, but to develop more quickly. In the coming years, digital color sorter mainly in two directions. First, large output color sorters, to further improve the cost-effective; Second, the grains, dehydrated vegetables, chemicals, ores and other areas of development, the system modular configuration.

In order to meet these development goals, color sorter industry based on innovation, will be gradually achieved the following significant technological breakthrough: ① the application of new light sources; ② better dynamic performance spray valve to increase production, reduce carryover to adapt color selection more food products; ③ new CCD integrated applications to further enhance the net rate of finished products selected to meet the demand for more color sorting grains; ④ high-speed VLSI microprocessor applications to embed more recognition algorithm to improve system application of the hybrid light source ⑤; practicality.

Color Sorter though born in a foreign country, but because of CSG COLOR SORTER bold exploration, innovation, breaking the monopoly of foreign markets, accelerate the industrialization process of China's food processing industry. Currently, color sorting machine industry in China has become a mature industry. With color sorter manufacturers continue to healthy competition, our color sorter technology continues to become perfect, will fly side by side with the world.

Currently the price of similar foreign products were more than 600,000 yuan, according to the current market demand for 400 units / year (the current class of rice color sorter annual domestic demand more than in 4000, grains like rice market bigger than the market, but in the initial stage), is put into the annual output will reach 120 million yuan, profits of 60 million yuan; these are just a conservative forecast, once the grains market into the popular stage (similar to the rice market at this stage), while actively explore overseas markets, the annual new increased output will reach several hundred million, the market prospect is very broad.

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