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CSG is awarded China Top Ten Food Machine Product

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Third "China Agri list" announced, CMEC's ​​Henan CSG color sorter awarded "China Top Ten Food Machine Product" title.

The theme of the event is "commitment, innovation, spans", which lasted more than two months, after screening list, first published in the early candidate names, the reader poll, expert assessment phases, eventually established the Third China Agri standings list lists.

CSG is a professional election equipment developed based on optical color, national high-tech enterprise production, sale, installation and technical services.

After years of development, the company has grown up to export Chinese equipment, product variety and wide application in the field of manufacturers based on high-speed sorting equipment for the high-resolution CCD technology intelligence. Has developed a rice, cereals, tea and other agricultural purposes sorting equipment and plastics, industrial salt and other industrial sorting equipment. With a good separation efficiency, the product throughout the various regions of the country and Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, India, the United States, Canada and the Philippines nearly 40 countries and regions.

CSG company attaches great importance to research and development, pioneered the technology used in CCD color sorting industry, changing the color selection more than ten years of traditional photovoltaic technology, has a familiar industry technology development, experienced, good at innovation and product development team, won a number of industry core patents.

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