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CSG color sorter can use SMC single solenoid valve

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The basic principle of color sorter equipment to use rice or grains with different color particles of different specific absorption or reflection of the intensity of light, by photoelectric conversion device which converts the optical signals into electrical signals and amplified, then its voltage value picking recognition, finally driving frequency electromagnetic valve for blowing Leis grain instantaneously, enabling separation of the material particles and Harmonia Reap. Among them, in order to prevent or minimize the distinction wrong color selection process, requiring the implementation of high-frequency electromagnetic valve components must have high reliability, fast response characteristics.

From 2013 CSG companies and SMC has developed a new type of high-speed response independent solenoid valve. The solenoid valve fast response, short response time, a maximum switching frequency of 1000Hz, long life, more than 10 million times, flow capacity.

From May 1, 2014, CSG's high-end color sorter can use SMC single solenoid valve according to customer requirements

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