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Leading sorting technology of fruit and vegetable

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CMEC jointly developed by the CSG and the "multi-source information fusion super fruit and vegetable sorting equipment," Identification, overall technical expert group through the Science and Technology Department at the international advanced level.

It is understood that the research has applied for two patents, have complete independent intellectual property rights, to fill the gaps of similar studies, changing the fruits of China's high-performance automated sorting equipment passive situation of long-term dependence on imports, which greatly improved the country including orange, tangerine, apple and potato automation level postharvest handling.

The project has a dynamic scene adaptive precision weighing fruit, fruit-based computer vision testing integrated features, multi-source information for the evaluation and grading of fruit sorting and other functions in dynamic scenes drift compensation and vibration suppression fruit called heavy technology, based on Gaussian mixture model fruit comprehensive visual feature detection technology, space matrix evaluation and sorting fruit grading method and the distribution and control system based on a new embedded multi-bus innovative aspects.

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